sweet + snuggly

How people can make babies so cute, I just don’t understand. I mean IS THIS REAL LIFE?

Yes. Yes it is! I have been friends with Justin and Kristin for a few years now, seeing Graham (their oldest) grow into a big brother has been so cute! He is so sweet, gentle, and kind to his little brother. I am sure he has his days, as we all do, but generally I just think they are such a sweet little duo. Is my baby fever showing? Oops. sorry/not sorry.

Yes, the babes are cute, but I want to shout out to the parents. Kristin is literally one of the sweetest people I have ever met in my whole life. She is real, honest, and has a heart after God. I am always inspired by her elegance and transparency. Justin is also an amazing father and just an all around good dude. I feel blessed to know them. Social media offers us a portal into the lives of our friends, and I enjoy seeing their journey. Their in-home newborn session was so much fun, there is something so cool about photographing in a family’s sacred space. 

Home is where the heart is. And their heart just grew by one more member. Welcome to the world, baby Wade- you couldn’t have found a better family to nestle into. What a gift you are!

Grab the ones you love and hold them close, tell them you love them and never let them go. 

Cheers friends, 

Wishing you a happy, happy day.