babies, kiddos, and plants

If you know me well, then you would know that I am a crazy plant person. I eat plant based, my house is an urban jungle, and I am always praising in the highest regard to plants. Nature is everything. Nature is life. It's not an easy shift in today's way of being, to take the natural route, but in my personal experience it has been transformative in my life, health, and spiritual well being. I just love plants.

There is something so beautiful about the Earth's offerings, and all of the powerful healing that lie's in the hands of Mother Nature. When I meet someone who thinks like I do, my heart just sings.

Kassandra and I have known each other through mutual friends for quite some time, but never really got to know each other- until recently when I decided to call her and ask about her story. Kassandra is so honest and open about her passion for holistic wellness through social media, that I felt like I knew her in a way (isn't that SUCH a weird thing, technology has a unique way of bringing people close together, so super cool) Her posts about gardening with her kids, making remedies from scratch, to her most recent accomplishment of a natural home birth- led by HER, with no pain killers. You read that right folks. She's a badass.

HOLY MAMA. I am so impressed by Kassandra's will to raise her family mindfully and with grace, offering them more of a pure way of being, rather than just operating out of "the norm". In my opinion it is those who question things that ultimately carry the most true knowledge. Sometimes you just gotta accept the truth that "fast and easy" isn't always synonymous with the "best option". It takes work to live in sync with nature, and it is so worth it.

I loved spending time with her kiddos, playing in their cozy living room, and showing me around the garden. Take a peek!

I love in home sessions because they capture the beauty that resides within the heart of the home. Love. Play. The day-to-day can feel monotoneous, but taking a moment to stop. To remember, just remember how beautiful it all is. The now. The mess. The crying and the diaper explosions. All of it. One day they will be all grown up and you will want to look back, what a gift a photograph is. I hope these photos inspire you to take a look at your life and offer gratitude. Gratitude for it all. 

Peace, friends.