Happy Hearted

I don’t even know where to begin in writing about this beautiful family. I met Heidi 15 years ago on our high school water polo team. She has always been a force to be reckoned with- and I love her for that. Her fiery red hair, a symbol of her personality. I love it. I love her!

And I love seeing her evolve into such an amazing mother. I laugh because I used to have this joke, I would say that I would rather just adopt her children in hopes of having red heads. Well, no red heads yet and now I hope to bare my own children someday (my mom has red hair, so fingers crossed). Time is a funny thing. I don’t see heidi as regularly as I used too, but everytime I do I feel like we can always just pick things up. It’s great, friendship. 

Doing life with people is a beautiful gift, one to be celebrated. I totally enjoyed our session last month, capturing the moments before their family of 4 grows to 5. I cannot wait to meet your sweet girl, Heidi! 

*fun fact : Heidi is the only person in my life that constantly calls me by a nickname. I don’t even think I have ever heard her use my real name… It’s still “Smoothie”, 10 years later, not a pool deck in site. I’ll take it, forever and ever.

The smiles and love shared between a household of people is something magical, isn’t it? I hope you enjoyed these photos. Take a moment to send a sweet text or prayer to your mother, tell her thank you. She carried you in her belly, and she will always carry you in her heart. Mama’s are a gift. 

Peace + Love