Time flies

If you have ever been to Chino Hills, chances are you know this family. It's funny, growing up in a small(ish) town how you really do get to know everyone, or atleast it feels that way. I met Cody my freshman year in high school, and not too long after that came along his beautiful (now) wife, Christa. They are a really sweet family and everyone who knows them would say the same- you just gotta love them.

I have been fortunate enough to document A LOT of their journey together. I remember when I was just barely getting into photography, having them pose as "engaged" because I needed samples. We took photos with a vintage pearl ring to mimic an engagement ring. It was fun. Then, a year or two later - Cody bought a real diamond ring and had me hide out with a long zoom lens to capture the moment that he would propose. From there I photographed a REAL engagement session, their wedding, countless portraits of them with their beloved pup Molly, the birth of their first son Russel, and now their glowing growing family of 4.

It's been amazing to say the least, and to think that we are all still so young. There is so much that hasn't happened yet. Christa and I still work together from time to time and keep in touch. She is an amazing photographer as well, which is always an honor- when a professional photographer trusts you to shoot their beloved memories, you know you are doing something right.

This session was one full of love and laughter, per usual. I love seeing families grow, shift, evolve.

The dance really is divine, isn't it?

Hope y'all have a beautiful day!