she is etherial

"Extremely delicate and light in a way that seems too perfect for this world"

Sound's about right. Sounds like an angel, to me. I don't know if it's just me, but I believe babies and angels go hand in hand. I'm a big believer in magic + spirit. Magic in the sense of looking at life through a lens of curiosity and trust in knowing that anything is possible. There are no limits on life, nature shows us that all the time. I mean look at her. Look at that sweet, beautiful creation. Maybe you have kids of your own, if so then I'm sure you know what I am talking about.

I don't have children, yet. haha They are on our list of prayers, but in the mean time I am just living it up, soaking in the sweetness of just witnessing new motherhood. It's curious to me, time. How it bends and meets at different points. How sometimes you can just connect the dots so clearly. 20/20 vision. A major pattern for me in my life has been witnessing my subjects experience those things I long to experience for myself. At this phase of my life, I'm no longer looking for the perfect man, a diamond ring, OR a wedding venue. I am in those mid years, where you have sort of pushed off the edge of the pool and are floating (or treading water....or drowning....) I love to laugh at the pain. The pain of longing for things you don't have. For the moments we allow the Ego to come in and bring with them the list of "things I WISH I had or DESERVE to have". oh God, not again. haha When that happens I make a cup of tea and sit on the patio.

The truth is, everything you need - is in your hands. Life is perfect just the way it is, and it will be perfectly what it will be, when you get there. For those day-dreamers out there like me - it's okay to want things. But it's also okay to not have those things. There might be other magical things that have to happen before you are ready to receive.

This lesson has been coming in loud and hard for me. As I spend time with new mama's I really see how life-changing it is. It's the utmost giving a person can experience. Giving life.


I am so proud of this woman, Diana. I have known her for years. Our relationship started in my old coffee shop, The Dirt Penguin, when we all fell in love with her sass and thigh-high boots. She later became on of my lead instructors at Bodylove (the spin studio) where she kicked so much ass it was insane. She is FIREY. I love it. I can't wait to get back on a bike in her class someday. Long story short, she is amazing. And Etherial is a beautiful gift. Their family makes my heart so happy. Love Love Love.