Let them be little

I have been photographing Erika + Matt's growing family for the past 6 years or so. It has been amazing to see them adding little girl, after little girl, all welcomed in with so much love. We recently did an in home shoot, taking some time to laugh and dance and play all in their sacred space. A happy home is a magical place to be. I love sessions like this because it is personal, it is intimate, and it is comfortable.

Questions I like to factor into sessions like this are : What do we do in our spare time at home together? What do we do every single day? What are ways we show love and spend time as a family?

Also: What are your coveted spaces in the home? What do you want to remember most?

Take a peek into Erika + Matt's love story. The foundation of their family is love, as it usually is, but there life has an element of play that is unreal! I loved being welcomed into their home with so much beauty, good light, and pretty little corners. One of my favorite things is how apparent it is that these little ones are observing their parent's and learning from their actions. It's a really beautiful sight to see.

sweet moments

One of my favorite things about shooting with Erika is how she always insists on capturing sweet romantic moments with her husband. When you have three kids, sometimes you need pleasant little reminders of your foundation, the love you share. These ones are especially sweet, in their beautiful kitchen. Erika is a homemaking goddess, I swear! and brilliant, and beautiful, and an all around inspirational woman.

Cheers to beautiful family, happy days, and loving life!