honor your true beauty

The Divine Feminine carries with it a sense of honor towards creation. To be in that space of your heart, we all have access to it, that deeply revers all things being created in nature. One of the most unique, and connecting experiences a person can have with their body is to usher life into this world, from within. I personally have never carried a child (yet) but have always held this deep space of honor towards pregnant women as well as new moms. Maybe it was seeing my mom pregnant when I was young, maybe it's just something in my bones. All I know is that I truly believe life is beautiful, and our bodies - are beautiful.

In my years of photographing life's most intimate transitions (proposals, engagements, weddings, births, babies, etc.) I have grown to witness the common threads amongst it all - and it's really just a natural desire to be seen. I have learned that my job as a photographer is not to create anything other than space. I don't make the photos of you look so beautiful, you do. Yes, I am talented at what I do, but the real beauty in photography is the subject. For me, my muse is life itself. It is looking for the beauty in it all, and offering that vision to my client (that's my intention). About a year ago I started this series in my mind called "The Divine Feminine" - it was shortly after I had done some healing on my own relationship with myself and my feminine. When I say "feminine" I am speaking to the balance of energies we all contain. Qualities of the feminine that I see need attention is in the realm of worthiness + connectedness. Being connected to yourself, deeply, requires intention. Looking in the mirror and saying "I am beautiful" or "I am doing my best and that is enough" really changed my inner dialogue. It brought me to realize that this whole time, I had been offering that to my clients but never to myself.

So now, as I have evolved to being a person who seeks balance, who preaches self love, and who ultimately just really loves life - the offerings I offer to you, I offer to me, too. The lens of life isn't really a lens at all, it's a mirror. Life is a call to see souls with compassion, including your own. I hope these words land somewhere safe in your heart and you can use them when you need them. Life can be tough, and it is easy to disconnect or fall into the trap of "not-enoughness", but if you hold tight to that truth, the truth we all share -




I hope that made ya feel good. I'm feeling good! haha now let's talk a little about this offering. The series "The Divine Feminine" does not end here, it's just beginning.

sacred mama sessions

A Self Love Experience | private portrait sessions

If you are a new mom, or expectant mama - you deserve to honor your beauty. The Divine beauty of the Mother can easily be overlooked in the midst of new life. Your body is changing, the focus is on the new baby. We get it, babies are cute - but you deserve to celebrate your body and the body it created. Put yourself first, future you will thank you! Capture the love + bond between you and your baby, and all of the magical glory that is your body. You are beautiful, inside and out.

Not only is it a private photo session, you get pampered too! Complete your day hair + makeup, decadent treats and fresh flowers. We will be shooting in a studio space in Chino Hills, called Upside Right. Come hang out in our Self Love Lounge, enjoy the getting ready and capture all the radiant mama glow in your private 30 minute session. Babies up to 6 months are welcome, but not required - you are more than welcome to just do this for you.

Package Includes :

• Professional Hair + Makeup

• Fresh Flower Crowns

• Robes + romantic details

• Mocktails + lavish treats

• 30 minute private photo session

• 30-50 digital files

These sessions are to honor the place you are, now. To love the skin you are in, and to cherish the memory forever.

Details | 2.22.2020

Location | Upside Right Beauty, Chino Hills. This space is private, both salon + studio.

Time Slots | 8 spaces available . 10am-3pm . Each slot allows for 1.5 hours for pampering, plus a 30 minute private session.

Props + Styling | We will have an array of props, plants, furniture, fresh flowers, plush blankets, romantic robes, and pretty details to make your session that much more magical.

Total | $399

For booking email | amandamckinnonphoto@gmail.com