i lucked out in life

I really did. When you look at the world as a whole, and the timeline of the world as something so grand and great and big and just inconceivable, something beyond our comprehension- I view myself as blessed. I have senses, I have a heart beat, I can breathe and be alive, and to top it all off- I get to spend my life, with my best friend.

Four years ago I said "I do" to a charismatic, creative, beautiful Englishman (which I just thought was just SO cool, still do), but little did I know, what the path of marriage actually looked like. It's terrain can sometimes feel unsettling, offering so many challenges, opportunities to grow, and to see your imperfections mirrored back to you. This took me a while to grasp, why isn't life as "easy" as they say? Marriage looks so simple, in the movies.

But, we don't live in movies, we live here, now. And here and now is a mighty fine place to be, especially when both partners can see from the same perspective. It has taken time for us to grow into this space of maturity, and honor. Companionship offers such depths of wisdom, and when you can find that place in which we all sync up- it gets really beautiful. Everything is just, love. The "good", the "bad", it all just is. And we get to experience that, together. Our books share a cover, but the stories inside are different. They parallel and intersect, but the are two. Three, actually, when you count Spirit. Our love, like a braid, is woven tightly around the source that connects us to each other, and to everything that shares life.

I read something this morning that really sparked my heart. It speaks to the space of love that resides far beyond our comprehension, far out.

"The true marriage is with God. The reason we form a conscious marriage is to do the work of coming to God together. That is the only reason for marrying when we are conscious. The only reason. If we marry for economics, if we marry for passion, if we marry for romantic love, if we marry for convenience, if we marry for sexual gratification, it will pass and there will be suffering. The only marriage contract that works is what the original contract was - we enter into this contract to come to God, together. That's what a conscious marriage is about" - Ram Dass, Grist for the Mill.

Taylor- my husband. My life partner. The toast to my tea. You are perfect in every way imaginable, and I am beyond grateful to do life with you. You bring me joy, you challenge my thinking, and you always encourage my growth. You have taught me the true meaning of unconditional love and have shown me powers I contain, that I didn't even know were there. I am excited at the idea of growing a family together, but for now, our life with the frenchies is more than I could ever ask for. God was very gracious when he gave me you. Thank you for sharing this life with me, for walking on the path hand in hand, and for always giving me love. Cheers to laughing, praying, singing, and dancing through this life.

Happy Anniversary!



From then to now - major differences include that we are completely different, but entirely the same. If that makes sense. Our fun used to be centered around big things, now we find much more joy in the little things, in nature and in life itself. What a gift! I am grateful for this life, for the time spent together, and for our unity we have decided on. Tell death do us party- and then we will party on some more.

Thanks to our amazing photographer, Nick Radford, for capturing our day so beautifully! If you want to take a glimpse deeper into our day, take a look at his original . blog post

And special thanks to everyone who has stood by our side, on this journey, walked alongside us on this path, and have lifted us up and showed us the light, even when we couldn't see it ourselves. For our various communities and families, and everyone and everything that brings truth to our lives everyday. It wouldn't be what it is, if it weren't for all of it.


Cheers to another year, full of laughing and praying and singing and dancing!

Basse, Ram Ram, Amen. Namaste. All the love, every single kind of love.