it's been a while

I can never seem to escape life behind a lens, and now that I really think about it, why would I ever want to? I have been shooting professionally for just over 10 years, I shot my first wedding at the age of 18 and haven't stopped much since. A few years ago my husband and I had an idea to create a coffee shop and spin studio that would later become a hub for community, creatives, and just all around good people. Although the coffee shop was amazing, I no longer had the time to photograph weddings let alone your average portrait session. My days in the cafe grew longer and longer, and my yearning to chase sunsets with happy people grew deeper and deeper. It was like the desire to see things had bit lit up- and out of nowhere, my life started to turn back towards a camera.

Isn't it amazing how life can just pick you up and spin you around, and once you fall down, catch your breathe- you are standing in the same shoes. Only now it's as if you have new vision. I feel like in the couple of years I held off of photo I gained a new appreciation for the craft. A new affection for the travel and location scouting. I missed it. Being a photographer is part of who I am, and I don't think I could (or ever want to) escape from it. It holds me dear, and offers me purpose. I have always felt that. There is nothing quite like the feeling of assisting someone in seeing themselves through loving eyes. You really are beautiful, we all are.

I am a lover of life and life's little details. Like the bubbles that form while washing the dishes- reflecting the sunset in an iridescent film of wonder and whimsy. I just love the sound of babies cooing, or mommies kissing the tiny hands of their beloved, or children laughing, little boys telling fart jokes, or a newly engaged couple gazing out into their future. It all sounds so cheesy, but it isn't. Life is beautiful. Have I mentioned that? I thought so. Life is a gift, and all of these sweet little things, the little things we do everyday, we take them for granted sometimes. Photography to me is a way to honor your life, to give yourself fuel for the future, fuel to keep the fire ignited and the flames dancing. We are human, sometimes we need a reminder, a reminder to choose love. To be soft. To flow with life's current, because my friends, life is moving- but photos do not move. Photos hold a moment, and they keep it nice and safe and warm, a place for you to return to.

I keep photos of my family nearby at all times. I love to look at their faces, at my face, and recognize JUST how magical it all is. All of it. Life, it's wild. Take a moment to reflect on your life, envision the people you love, because they love you too. We all have special people, and we all are special people. You are uniquely you, with your own life, your own memories. Honor that.

I hope today brings you lots of joy, peace, and your heart feels warm knowing that you are enough.

YOU are more that enough.

Peace + Love,