If you know me or have followed my work, than you more than likely know my obsession with the work of my good friend and fiber artist - Elsie Goodwin. I have pretty much been in love with her creations since the moment I met her back in 2016 at my (then) coffee shop in Chino Hills. Little did I know at that point in time (sharing laughs and crafts over almond milk lattes) that a friendship would develop and that I would not only be continually surrounded by her work ( I think I have 5 or 6 pieces of her work in my home, currently drooling over a wall hanging that rests above the computer I am sitting at) but also bare witness to the evolution of her family from a pretty close perspective. I have been fortunate to spend time with her adorable kiddos as her and her super rad hubby, Bobby, travel - great training for me as I am preparing for motherhood myself. We have done numerous family photo sessions as well as documenting more of her professional achievements as well as other bits of her work and involvement in the community.

Over the past season of "social distancing" their plans to celebrate ten years of marriage with a getaway bash were transformed into a much more intimate event - a font yard vow renewal with only 9 people (if you include the mail lady who stumbled in on our little ceremony). It ws truly magical. One of my favorite events to date, not only because I love the family as my own, but because a pandemic couldn't stop their celebration.

They dressed up, shared hand written vows, and were married (again) by their good friend and in the company of their two girls. What an example of love. What a gift it was to witness. We were even blessed above by a red tail hawk that circled the sky for a solid few minutes during ceremony - it was perfect. There was laughter, tears, and like all good weddings - really delicious cake. I left feeling inspired and with a warmth in my heart I didn't realize I was in need of. Baring witness to weddings and the divine expression of love between two people is something I hope I never take for granted in my life, I have been fortunate to attend hundreds of weddings - all of them so special, but this one... this one was pure magic.