Happy Hump Day! I don't know about you..but I am pretty dang excited for this week to end and the weekend to BEGIN! It's unusual for me to NOT have a wedding on a weekend in September, but, it's my bachelorette party this weekend! PALM SPRANGS! I cannot wait. I am a little nervous that my best friend Jenna is going to surprise me with some sort of tan/oily stripper of some kind...and I wouldn't be surprised if it was a midget (she has a WILD imagination). It's pretty exciting as the day comes closer and closer to my wedding, so many fun parties and things, like this past weekend was my bridal shower! My sweet mom, cousin Liz, and best friend Jenna threw me the best shower! It was full of love, gold glitter, and CHAMPAGNE! (no brunch is complete without some bubbly, sorry). I took a few photo but not too many because I was busy NOT being a photographer and just being a BRIDE!

Liz made the cutest gifts- home made massage oil candles! I kept a couple for myself and am OBSESSED. If you are looking for a nice gift for your gals, this was absolutely perfect!

Of course Miss Hazel was there...sporting her sparkly new "dress" a.k.a collar. (that is Hailey, her and Hazel have an age old rivalry... but I think they are warming up to each other..maybe)

One of the highlights of the day for me was when I answered the door and my childhood bestie was there. PEOPLE! SHE LIVES IN NORTH CAROLINA! I was so shocked, it immediately turned my "cool and collected" look into a "mascara running/messy hair/ball of happy tears/hot mess" look. I am so so SO thankful that she flew out just to see me for the day.. we obviously ate In-n-out after. Obviously. #whowantsabridalbodyanyways #oops

My beautiful bridesmaids minus my smokin' hot bridesman (too much estrogen in the house for him)

Who knew you could get that excited over cutting boards and tupperware? Let me tell you- I was STOKED! I can't wait to cook up a storm with all of our cool new stuff! 

GAMES// We played several fun games, including : "Pin the kiss on the Taylor" pictured above with my friend Heidi and her naughty "kiss" haha! We played the "newly wed" game and I KILLED IT. Yes, I know his favorite color, band, and the fact that I remind him of a Koala because I am cuddly/hate to be woken up/sometimes have claws. LOL! The bottom photo is a "bucket list board" which was too sweet! Some people had some really awesome ides for things Taylor and I need to do before we kick the bucket! My FAVORITE game was "help the bride write her vows"...pictured below is my favorite one! My friend Christa won the game with this gem... I think I might actually use it on the big day! Why not?!?!

Overall I had such a great time and got to spend a day with some of the best ladies I know- I feel so blessed to be part of a community of such strong women who made me feel so loved on my bridal shower day. I cannot wait til the wedding (44 DAYS!).

I hope you have an amazing Wednesday!