You guys. Southern Hospitality is a real thing. Meet : Jamie- a southern sweet heart, and Ryan- a SoCal surfer dude (I almost said COWABUNGA!…but decided not to…and then I just did. oops!) These two tied the knot in San Clemente at the beautiful Casa Romantica! That place never gets old. EVER. Jamie's family from Tenessee were the absolute best, It was so fun to get to experience some real southern hospitality- I feel like us Californians get so caught up in our busy lives that we forget that the human experience should be pleasurable! we should be nice! I'm not saying that people from CA are mean, we are just a little less blatantly nice than the people I spent time with preparing for and during Jamie and Ryan's wedding. Shout out to my California people, I still love you! I am YOU! ha! Enough of my social opinions, lets get back to what I am good at. This wedding was full of vintage nods, butterflies, buttercream, and a whole lotta love.