Happy (almost) Thanksgiving! Today I want to share something (or someone, or some oneS) that I am thankful for. Meet my sweet Cousins- Richie and Liz and their adorable little crazy babies, Van and Kai. I love them. I love them a lot. I won't blab too long about how genuine they are, or how supportive they are of my husband and I and all the crazy shenanigans we get ourselves into, I won't gush over Liz for being one of the most inspiring, strong, God loving women I know and I definitely will not talk to much about how dang cute and funny those boys are (seriously, I can't even), I guess I will just tell you that you should look at these photos and recognize someone or some thing that makes YOU feel as happy and as loved as these people make ME feel. 

Also, windmills. **insert all of the heart eyes**