Hi. So, let me just gush over my girl Rachel for a second- she has been my friend for 6(?) years and her sassy attitude has ALWAYS been my favorite thing about her. Talk about a girl who isn't afraid of anything- or anyone, and who will always be honest with you, never just tell you what you want to hear to save face- she is a true friend. I love her! and she is super duper creative and writes the best poems. Now, Cody- you are pretty cool too, and pretty lucky to spend forever with Miss Sassy Pants. haha I can't wait to see you two tie the knot this January! And I can't wait to party with you two at MY wedding! WOO HOO! So much love. love love love! 

We had such a blast running around (literally) DTLA finding funky walls and laughing about life. It's crazy, life. Anyways- enough of my chit chat- enjoy these photos and enjoy your DAY!